Q. What category of clients do you see?

A. Counselling in Fareham I work with self funded adults on a one to one basis. I do not work with couples.

Q. What issues do you work with?

A.  I work with most issues although a major part of my work is trauma counselling.

Q. How many sessions will I need?

A. I take a full assessment at our first meeting and decide with you what you want to achieve from our sessions together and whether this will mean short term counselling or longer term psychotherapy. This can sometimes change eg. the short term client may realise other issues are impacting things and want more time to explore these or the longer term client may find change happens more quickly.

Q. Do you do sessions by phone or email?Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 10.40.30

A. Sessions are arranged face to face and weekly although occasionally if needed I can see a client more frequently at the start. I only do phone sessions in emergencies when the client cannot get to the session and we are unable to reschedule. Sessions are mainly on a talk basis but sometimes art or writing mediums are included by individual clients.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. All sessions are currently £50 and reviewed from time to time,  usually every few years.

Q. Do you charge if I miss a session?

A. In order for counselling or psychotherapy to work it is important that sessions are attended weekly and therefor requires a commitment from both of us preferably on a fixed day and time.  If you cannot make a session for any reason I like as much notice as possible (7 days minimum) in order to reschedule another time for you within that week. In emergencies we can talk by phone instead  otherwise you will be charged for the missed session, although in practice this rarely happens.

Q. What about confidentially?

A.    As required by the BACP to ensure therapeutic standards are maintained regardless of how well qualified or experienced a therapist is, I have regular supervision. This involves keeping brief notes of sessions for consultation of key issues with another experienced therapist who is also bound by an ethical framework. Whilst work will otherwise remain strictly confidential, occasionally in exceptional circumstances I may be required by law (a court order) or a strong moral obligation (a GP) to disclose material facts and information to a third party. In the unlikely event of this happening I would make every effort to discuss this with you first.

Q. Where is your consulting room?

A. The counselling in Fareham is carried out in a private and serene consulting room in a quiet location with parking on the driveway and easily accessible by car from the M27 and A27.  It is within easy reach of Fareham town centre and the surrounding areas of Gosport, Whitely, and Park Gate etc. Bus routes from surrounding areas into the village are close by.